Saturday, February 7, 2009

X-Country Skiing on the North York Moors

A light fall of snow lay outside the house. Skis were put in the car and I headed off to Saltersgate in a fair snow storm which covered the road from Sleights to Saltersgate.
The car park was quite full even at 1030am. Setting off along Saltersgate Brow in a chilly wind I didn't stop until I got to Malo Cross.

(left) Plenty of snow lay in the Hole of Horcum

(Left) Saltersgate Brow

A very cold wind blew from the north and much of the new snow had been blown off leaving a very fast surface of old smooth snow to ski on.

The temperature was --3c

(Left) Me at Malo Cross

After a difficult descending traverse on the north side of the brow I arrived at Malo Cross. This cross has an unusual history in that it was stolen from this position many years ago and was eventually spotted in a garden in Pickering from where it was returned to its original spot.

One of the benefits of skiing in the forestry in Dalby forest is that logging traffic create very fast, stable ski tracks. Apart from the climb up onto Crosscliffe Brow from School Farm I was on skis for the whole of the trip and was back at the car just after 2pm covering around 19 km

Oh, and another highlight was seeing my first ever Goshawk soaring above Crosscliffe Brow.

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