Monday, February 16, 2009

White Rabbits in Yorkshire

As all my friends know I'm a keen naturalist. Because I'm out and about a lot I get to see lots of wildlife and often, rare wildlife. Trish, Bernie a wildlife ranger from the national park, and myself were out on Saturday when we spotted this animal up near the Beck Hole/Goathland road junction.

We initially thought it might be a Hare but only mountain hares turn white in winter, and in any case they do not occur in the North Yorkshire Moors area. Hares even when they turn white always have black tips to their ears. So that meant it must be a rabbit but rabbits don't turn white. This was not an albino either as they have pink eyes and nose. This is a very rare giant wild white rabbit.

The shame is that this very, very rare rabbit, caught on camera for the first time ever, has now become extinct, the first North Yorkshire causality of global warming and the recent thaw.

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