Monday, February 9, 2009

Skiing on The North York Moors (2)

Another fine Sunday and this time it's off to Blakey Ridge and the Red-lion. Much to my surprise the snow on the moors was still too soft to ski across without forever sinking into the heather, so with my skis waxed up it was down to the old railway track, northwest along the railway. Within minutes I outdistance the two struggling walkers in the snow as my skis run smoothly on the unmarked snow. An hour later I leave the track and carefully pick my way through the heather choosing the firmest bits of snow to reach Howdale Hill (410m).

This could be the arctic!

I sit and enjoy the panoramic views. Nothing but lovely snow. 11 miles to the North I can just see Boulby mine on the coast near Staithes.

Looking south I can see the clouds rising from the power stations of Drax and two others near the Humber. Drax is 50 miles away as the crow flies.

Lunch eaten in the sun.
The temperature is -- 4c but feels warmer. A couple of miles back down the track the two walkers struggle on. Skis back on and its a careful descent back to the old railway line and to Blakey. The 6km back take me an hour. It is chaos at Blakey. Cars and people everywhere enjoying the snow. A quick look around and there is not a single person more than 100 yards from the car park. The arctic is not quite like this!!

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Alex Fredman said...

Hi there Dave

I have enjoyed reading your blog. I would love to do a story about your sking adventures on the North York Moors
Please get in touch
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Alex Fredman