Sunday, December 14, 2014

Wheeldale Moor

One of my favourite places is on  Wheeldale Moor.  There's everything from bronze ages tumuli, through to WWII archeology and later.  Here's an example:-

Walk up Rutmoor beck and around 780963 you'll see this.  It doesn't appear to have been a building and I'm not quite sure it was an enclosure either. 

A couple of hundred meters SW of Wheeldale Howe stands the 'Blue-man-i-the-Moss', probably a bronze age stone and standing on the Rydale/Eskdale boundary.
There's an old letter 'E' carved in it, probably for 'Egton' and a rather modern blue man painted on it. At the base is a modern memorial to someone.

And a couple of hundred meters SE of Wheeldale How lay the remains of a 'green goddess', an old army fire tender, burnt out in the severe fires of 1976. (767990) Over the years the ravages of scrap hunters, the elements and souvenir hunters have all but reduced this from the much large lorry it once was.  

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