Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Down at Ravenscar quite well hidden near the fault line lies this carved rock.  Its not particularly obvious and is quite large.  Its laid flat on the rocks and is far too heavy to stand up without using a lever of some sort.

From personal experience I'd guess that to do this carving would take a good few hours.  

Someone took a lot of time and effort to do this but I've never  been able to find out anything about it.

Any one know?
And here not far from the previous picture I came across another neptune, clearly by the same hand and yet again hidden away, in this case off the path down to the rocky foreshaw


Chris said...

Hello David.

Interested to see the carved stone (Neptune?) at Ravenscar.

This one lies at the bottom of the cliffs at Kettleness. Similarly I have been trying to find out if anyone knows about it, but so far no luck

Chris Whitehead,

David Perry said...

Very interesting Chris. I've not seen or heard about your carvings. Both appear to make some use of the natural shape of the rock and both carvings are on horizontal rock. I wonder if the same person did them?

Robinhood said...

Hello David,
My friend and I first came across this carving in 2006. I think the tides have moved it about since then and we have never been able to rediscover it's whereabouts - it's good to see it is still in one piece.
You may have noticed at the bottom of the rock on the right hand side there is a mark like a signature, presumably made by the artist. This mark is repeated on several other rocks in the area like signposts pointing the way to the face. There is even one on a rock outside Boggle Hole with the arrow pointing towards Ravenscar.
Nobody that we asked in Robin Hood's Bay or Ravenscar had even seen it or knew anything about it, It's all a bit of a mystery.

David Perry said...

Thanks for that. I live in RHB and I've not met or found any one who knows anything about it, including NT staff or a couple of folk I know that know that area better than me. I've not noticed the other marks you mention. I may well look again next time I walk along there. Perhaps the stone has been uncovered again by winter storms.