Monday, January 4, 2010

A walk along the Scaur at Robin Hood's Bay

Rather chilly this morning at around zero centigrade and
several inches of snow. All the visitors to Robin Hood's Bay over the Xmas and New Year Period have gone home. There is silence through the old village. The Bay Hotel only had three people in it when I visited last night.

On the beach were several dead Ray's Breams. These deep water fish normally inhabit warmer waters are increasingly turning up when the weather/water gets too cold. The 'gulls enjoy them though. The coin at the top is a 50 pence piece.

The dog and myself then walked along the scaur and onto Ness Point where the Sarb-J went aground in good weather in Janurary 1993. Many of the major components have been removed. It is one of many shipwrecks which have happened in this area. And it won't be the last!

Within site of the Sarb-J lay the remains of another earlier wreck, this portion shows remains of the boilers I think. I'm not sure of the name but several vessels have sunk here. Not far away in another hole lays more bits and pieces.

On one of the boulders underneath the cliff I noticed this on which lay the remains of a feral pigeon. Almost certainly the kill of one of the local pair of Peregrine falcons which I often see on my walks along Ness Point.

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