Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ice climbing on the North Yorkshire Moors

Not too far from Whitby are the North Yorkshire Moors a venue not known for it's ice climbing. But here up at Fryup Dale there is a lengthy crag which with a few days of freezing weather comes into condition.

It's a long slog from the car parked just above Lealholm, deep snow North Yorkshire Moors.
Nowhere is the climbing above 20' to 30' but it's almost all vertical and can provide an hour or two fun 'sport' routes. Protection is limited to trees or stakes above the crag. But ice climbing on the North Yorkshire Moors is possible! And this is only three days before Christmas!!


Dave Warburton said...

Did you head up to Cringle Moor? Some great icefalls that way too - i wonder if this year can provide a similar event.

David Perry said...

Never been at Cringle Moor looking for ice, but I might look there and further afield if it gets cold enough.