Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Satir/Satyr inscribed stone Wheeldale, Goathland

Near Skivick Crag - Wheeldale, at GR 809982 can be found at a small stone cairn a stone laying against the cairn with the words, Satir, or as Tom Scott Burns told me, 'Satyr', which he was informed to be the burial place of a dog of that name and there is also a date which he says is Sept 1848 or 9.

Here's two pictures taken in January 2019.

Satir or Satyr ?
I didn't notice when I looked but apparently to the left of the year date is;  'Sept' - the date looks rather like 1809 to me but I viewed it on a rather dull day 

I've walked within this inscribed stone hundreds of times since my youth and never noticed it.  I looked in the area for nearly an hour until  I was a local farmer feeding his sheep.  I asked him and he immediately took me the small cairn and pointed it out but he could add no further information.

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