Monday, December 17, 2018

Farndale Cairn

Cairns are becoming increasingly common on the North York Moors over the last 20 years as more people take to the hills.  This is already causing a problem where this habit causes damage to archeological sites such as Tumulus (Bronze age burial mounds) National Park Blog=  https:/deconstructing-mounds/

Examples of well built ones with well placed stones are far less common.  Many are placed where they can be seen from a distance, such as the shoulder of a hill.  But this one is extremely well hidden and I'm not sure it can be seen from any public path or road.  I

Its in Farndale.   Its very well built - the stones are carefully selected and placed so that the cairn is a true cone shape. Someone took a great deal of care in making this a nice cone shaped cairn.   I'd probably guess its a memorial to a favoured dog..Or perhaps an accident?  But who knows?

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