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W E Wedgwood Chief Officer of the SS Copeswood

On the 22 December 1916  my Great Grandfather, W E Wedgwood,  a master mariner, was the Chief Officer on board the SS Copeswood in the North Sea when they sighted a Barque, dismasted and flying distress flags in horrendous seas. Unable to rescue the crew, they stood by during the night and eventually the next morning rescued the crew with exceptional difficulty. Both the captain (Albert Perrin) and WE Wedgwood received silver medals from His Majesty King Haakon of Norway. Bill Wedgwood has the medal and for some reason I have the citation. 
He died at the Hare & Hounds in 1954 and is buried in plot 10246 Whitby  Cemetery, Larpool Lane.

Captain William Edward Wedgwood  b. 1873 sept 23rd- died 1954 Hare and Hounds Inn, Hawsker.  Brother of Captain John Robert Wedgwood

The citation given to Captain W E Wedgwood for his part in the rescue of the barque, Lovspring of Sandefjord
The wording is similar to that given to Captain A H  Perrin.

The Captain of the SS Copeswood was Captain Albert Hawkins Perrin and he was awarded this silver cup by King Haakon of Norway.  My grandfather was awarded a medal and certificate which I have.  He died in 1954 and lived at the Hare and; Hounds Inn,  Hawsker, North Yorkshire

My maternal great-grandfather Albert Hawkins Perrin was born on 17 May 1884 at Frant, Sussex. He married Frances Lucy Jones on 19th August 1908 at which time he was employed in the Mercantile Mar...EUROPEANA1914-1918.EU

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