Monday, August 17, 2015

Inscribed Stones - Harwood Dale.

There are many inscribed stones within the NYMNP.  Many are well known and recorded by Stanhope White and others.  Some record roads being built, others boundaries.  This one near the south end of Jugger Howe Beck is enscribed:-  

"Oct 1948  This day we pledged our troth". and below in a similiar script  "Today Nov 12 1951"

I wonder who this was and whether they ever got married.  Its entirely possible that one or both of them are still alive.  Perhaps the lettering lower down records the day they actually got married?  Who knows?

This stone is quite difficult to find but this will help  SE 94718 98040

From the bridge crossing Lownortnorth Beck at SE  947982  This is just 100m south of the junction between Bloody Beck & Lownorth Beck. If you look up the photograph, almost inline with the direction of the bridge you should sea a dark rock between two patches of birch trees. The inscription is on this rock and the inscription faces towards where I took the photo from.

2. walk over the bridge (don't follow the pubnlic footpath which goes left!) follow a path through some young oak and past a couple of wood seats/benches, as though you were heading towards Bloody beck. Just a few yards beyond the last bench you should now come bloody beck. Don't cross it. But look to your left (SW) and follow a reasonably obvious track up the shoulder through some silver birches. After 20 metres or so you should see a very big rock which is split in two and around 8ft in hight and probably 20 ft in length. The inscription is about 3 ft off the ground at the end you have approached from.. If by chance you go past this enormous ground fast rock you end up at a wire fence - you've gone too far.!

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