Tuesday, April 23, 2013


'Tramways' or rutways as they are generally called can be found in several places along the North Yorkshire Coast.  These are small parallel ruts cut into the scaurs (rock) below the cliffs and are associated with various mining and other activities along the coast.  They were presumably cut to facilitate the ease of pulling & guiding horses &  wagons across wet slippery rocks.  

But the only ones I've seen  inland are a remarkable example near Ravenscar at at Howdale  (NZ952022)   There is a small quarry nearby and also a track which was once a narrow  gauge tramway running from Stoney Marl Quarry (NS951004) to the SW, to the Peak Quarries.  This once transported the hard Gannister rock from Stony Marl moor and passes close to the small Howdale quarry.  
 The rut way is probably only around 50 yards long and is built at the steepest part of the route from Stoney Marl.  On my recent visit I noticed that much of the gorse had been cut back otherwise it would soon cover this interesting relec of past industry.

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