Sunday, January 27, 2013

Water Trough, Hempsyke

Between Littlebeck and Ugglebarnby you'll find this at the side of the road. 
The fountain was converted from a spring by the landowner John Allen, a ship owner born in Whitby in 1790.  
Three verses on zinc plates have been placed.
'Man made the trough,
The water God bestows,
Then praise His Name
From whom the blessing flows.'
To read the rest you'll have to do a bit of searching on foot, or the internet.

Much more intriguing a few yards away on the opposite side of the road is this offering high on the gable end of this building.  It's been there ever since I can remember and looks older  than me!! This was the house built by John Allen.Hawsker,a few miles from Whitby has this lovely roadside well on the road to RHB.  Initialled TC & dated 1790, this was probably the well for the whole village until mains water was supplied in the early 1900's.  When my grandparents owned the Hare & Hounds in the village from the 1920s to 1957 there were still a couple of hand-pumps in the village, one of which was next to the pub at Crete cottage.

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