Monday, July 2, 2012

Grey Towers Mansion - Nunthorpe

Just over the border in Cleveland is this gothic mansion. At first glance it looks like any victorian building in proximity to any other industrial building of that time, dark and dirty. But this is an illusion. For the building material is unique and comes from the Whinstone Ridge/dyke which cuts across the North Yorkshire Moors and was widely used for setts - cobble stones! Those cobbles along the high street in Guisborough are also of the same material. It's geological name is Basalt, a very hard and almost black volcanic rock.
Built in the 1870's for the man who designed and built the tay bridge, it also became the home of another industrialist, Mr Dorman of Dorman & Long fame. It is now converted into a number of flats.

Here, in this close up you can see the sandstone quoin stones at the edge and the much smaller and darker whinstone/basalt.

(See also Round and About The North Yorkshire Moors Voll II by Tom Scott Burns & Martin Rigg, page 120)

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