Monday, December 6, 2010

A day out on skis

A beautiful sunny day and with so much snow around I went to Goathland. Dug a little space for the van at the side of the road up to New Wath and skiied over the moors to Wardle Green a few miles to the south and back.

Perfect snow, the skis waxed to perfection, fast going we even had time to go to the old sheep beild at Wardle Green before turning back to the van. The sun was low in the sky and not a breath of wind. Apart from the distant darkness of the forests the only objects to be seen above the deep but hard snow were the odd grouse feeding on exposed tips of heather.

Left the van at 1:30 and was back at 4pm with plenty of photo shots. Surprised to find the van showing an outside temperature of -8c - that'll explain the ice on the inside of the roof then!

The snow on the North Yorkshire Moors is probably the best for skiing I've known as the cover is complete, extensive and firm.

But for my companion, Jilly, a day out on skis with me means a fast trot, sometimes in deep snow where she sinks in up to her belly.
But she loves it!!

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Alison W-C said...

It all so wondrous and a fair contrast to the way us Southerners tackle the grim weather.