Monday, April 19, 2010

Ian Bailey (3)

Our neighbour in Ireland was Ian Bailey and is the most arrogant, pompous and vindictive man I ever met. He spent years trying to prevent me walk over the fields near our respective houses, despite knowing that the owner is my very good friend. He even got his Cork, big boy Lawyer, Frank Buttimer to send me threatening letters. (which all went directly into the waste bin). He threatened me a few times, and kept a collection of photographs of me as I crossed the fields. Often he ran to his boundary to shout at me although I never really heard what he was saying, This woman beater - he beat his partner Jules Tomas ("I'm an artist you know") up a few times, and once enough for her to be admitted to hospital such were the state of her injuries.

Of course Bailey loves publicity and made sure he hit the news whenever he could often biting off more than he could chew as when his liable case against several newspapers failed. A coward at heart despite his arrogance, he spent most of the time hiding at home. Now it just looks as though this unemployed ex gardener and fish filliter might just have more on his plate. The French authorities now want to extradite him for the murder of Frenchwoman Sophie du Plantair. Read more

If you wish to read more about his alleged role in the murder click here

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