Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ian Bailey (2)

We never told any of our visitors about the murder. Nor did we tell them that the only person arrested for it, and the only person who confessed to it lived up the road.

Ian Bailey sued several papers claiming they said he murdered Sophie du Plaintier.. He lost.

It was around this time that Mr Bailey's behaviour towards me changed alarmingly. For several years I had walked across the fields bordering Mr Bailey's property (actually it belongs to Jules Thomas, his partner, but never mind). More recently I'd used the fields for walking our dog. The fields belonged to my good friend Richard Connell.

Then one day I was crossing the fields and Bailey appeared at his boundary shouting and screaming. I don't know exactly what as it was windy.

I thought I'd give the police this information as he was rather an odd character.

Too late, I was informed by the Schull team. "He's made a complaint about you". And so came to pass numerious episodes of Ian Bailey complaining about me walking the fields where I live and had permission to walk. More upsettingly the country police manning the 'barracks', as Irish police stations are known', were out of their depth. On one occasion I had one of them, an unpleasant fat and rather lazy man called Guarda Kellihier come to me, interview me under caution and accuse me of making, "Obscene pig noises outside Ian Bailey's house on the public road".

Quickly realising Kellihier was out of his depths I asked him what an 'obscene pig noise' sounds like. He couldn't tell me. "So I can't really comment, can I", replied.
"Will ye sign this?", he asked me, after having written out his statement of our meeting. "No" I replied. And he realised that he'd spent the last 5 minutes of writing out his acount of his interview for me to sign was wasted.

He then told me I was being unreasonable. I quickly told him that if you come to someones house, tell them they have been making obscene pig like noises, they can hardly be called unreasonable if the person making the complaint cannot tell me what they sound like in the first place.

The next phase now involved threatening letters from Ian Bailey's defence lawyers.

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