Tuesday, August 4, 2009

John Boddy - The Rake in the Trunk

A recent visit to John Boddy timber merchants of Boroughbridge reunited me with this treasure.
It is a trunk of a tree approximately three feet in width. Embedded in the trunk is a rake, part of which you can see. It was discovered around 25 years ago whilst it was being cut up. I believe it was an oak..

OK not too exciting perhaps but consider this. Perhaps 150 years ago, someone was out using the rake. Taking a break, they hung the rake from a small branch of a nearby tree. The rake forgotten was left in the tree. The tree continued to grow for another 50 or more years around it, until it could no longer be seen. Until it was cut down. The tree is much more decayed than I remember from former visits and it is a shame it will continue to rot until this interesting relic is no more. How many more secrets do the inside of trees still hold?

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