Sunday, March 22, 2009

Whitby Dog Shit

Its clear from the Whitby Gazette that I'm not the only one disgusted by the amount of dog shit in and around Whitby.
What annoys me more is that the council has spent several years asking people to put the dog shit into plastic bags and dispose of it properly. Now the hedges & fences around Whitby are full of plastic bags containing dog shit. These festoon the paths and byeways around Whitby. Hanging from branches and fences they litter the landscape and are an eyesore. Non bio degradable these plastic bags hang from bushes for month after month. If it is possible to pick up dog shit in a bag why cannot the owners simply use the bag to throw the offending dog dirt out of harms way and later put the empty plastic bag in a bin? If they can't be bothered to carry their dog's mess to the nearest bin why don't they purchase bio-degradable bags - at least these rot down.

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