Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A new discovery - Juniper tree

In my 15 year absence from Whitby I was pleasantly surprised that the national park authorities were trying to track down all the specimens of the rare Juniper tree.

I remembered the specimen I came across many years ago whilst out walking. On contacting the National Park I was told it is an known specimen. If you want to look at it you'll have to find it.  Because they are so rare the location will remain a secret between me and the national park.

I also saw a male Stonechat close by. My memory isn't so hot on this as I cannot recall whether I've seen any stonechats on the  North York Moorw before).

(Subsequent to writing this post I've discovered two other junipers. I remember growing from seed and planting out around 20 years ago. Both are passed by thousands of people every week but neither was known to the national park!!)

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Anonymous said...

Well done, you must have a good memory to remember where a tree is that you visited almost 20 years ago!!!