Friday, November 21, 2008

Whitby - coming home

Well here we are. Home. And thats just what it feels like. So many old friends. I guess this is what someone who has spent ten years in prison must feel like.
English pubs, real beer, shops with choices that aren't sixty miles away. New faces every day. Ahhh!! A breath of fresh air.

We are now in a tiny 2 bedroomed terrace house. Busy road - the main road into Whitby. Noisy. No garden. No workshops - no sheds. most of our gear is in storage but so what. We wondered whether leaving our acre of garden and lovely house may be a mistake but no. This just feels right.

Now we must look for a house (we've seen one that ticks lots of boxes) and get the car registration transferred to an English plate. This looks like its complicated but who cares. Another challenge.

And the cold!! such a surprise after mild southwest Ireland. But we love it

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