Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Going Home

We're going home! After ten years of living here in Ireland, we're returning to Whitby and the North Yorkshire Moors. We should be leaving on the 23rd of October 2008. Trish and I have been asked many times why we want to leave our beautiful house and garden. (See it here)
There are many reasons. In no particular order:-
  • If you want to travel anywhere beyond europe you've got travel to the Uk first
  • If you want to get anything done properly don't count on getting done here
  • There's nothing to do when you've done everything else
  • They don't like dogs here. Or walkers. There's no public footpaths. Everywhere is private
  • I'm sick of Guinness & Murphy's
  • I miss the snow & the sound of church bells
  • It's too far from anywhere and too difficult to get to
  • Yorkshire is where we're from.
  • I want more excitement in life before I die.
  • The driving standards here are dangerous. Worse than Calcutta at rush hour.(see here)
However this being Ireland there are a few problems in the way. We''ve discovered there was no planning permission on the house when it was significantly altered in the 70's - the original solicitor didn't pick this up. But then he was the solicitor who tried to sell us the wrong house for several weeks until I pointed out his mistake, and he was also the solicitor that told me I was wrong about our boundaries ( I was right. We've lost some land!!!)

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