Thursday, April 10, 2008

Walking in Ireland

Well as you all know Ireland welcomes visitors. Or does it?
This notice near the Cliffs of Mhor in Clare and the one below at Moll's Gap near Killarny in Kerry SW Ireland clearly reflects the growing trend amongst the new Irish landlords to ban walkers. In Ireland there are no public footpaths or bridleways. The waymarked trails and long distance paths of Ireland such as 'The Kerry Way', 'The Wicklow Way' and so on are all on a combination of public roads or across farmer's land which the farmer has allowed the walk to cross. Permission can, and has in a several cases been withdrawn. Unlike most European countries you have absolutely no legal right of access to hills, mountains or moors. And as this farmer shows, you are unwelcome. However in their bid to welcome visitors the farmers did propose a year or two ago that for the measly sum of €5000 plus an annual payment of €5 per metre of path crossing their land they would be only too happy to allow access. Luckily the government did not accept this.
So just beware, if you come to walk in Ireland you do so as a tresspasser!
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